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You’ve seen a demo and you’re ready to launch EVAN360 at your institution. But now you have to get your team, your department head, and university leadership on board. Implementing any new technology at the university level is a daunting process that requires approvals, demos, security compliance checks, budgetary considerations, and consistent communication.

Implementing EVAN360 itself is simple—it can be done in as little as one day. The buying process is what takes the most time and effort. As we’ve worked with colleges and universities, we’ve documented the standard journey and how our team helps institutions every step of the way. Here’s what that journey looks like:

Tips for the Buying Process

  1. Notify IT of intent to purchase ASAP to give them time to review. The review process is usually quick, but getting time on their busy calendars can take a few weeks.
  2. Determine what is important to leadership ahead of time so you can address all questions/concerns at once.
  3. Engage Procurement early to understand steps and policies. The procurement process can take a few weeks.
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