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When we think about supporting college students, undergraduates are usually the focus. Graduate programs are less likely to offer robust support services at the same level that undergraduates receive. Why does the support experience greatly differ between the two?

College is College, Right?

The transitions from high school to college and college to a career are pivotal points in a student’s journey. In a sense, they’re stepping out of one world and into another, and institutions want to help them prepare by providing a variety of support resources. But isn’t graduate school a transition, too?

There seems to be an expectation that students entering grad school already know everything there is to know about college—that they’ve mastered the system and can figure it all out themselves. They don’t need handholding and if they have a question, they’ll know who to ask.

In reality, grad school is a different ball game.

Grad school requires a higher, more in-depth dedication to reading, writing, critical thinking, and research. It’s a major transition for some, particularly those stepping into a graduate program at a new university where they’re adjusting to a new campus, new faces, and a new learning environment.

Areas of Support for Grad Students

Students will have all kinds of questions throughout their graduate journey. They will need support just as much as undergrads, because even though it’s a continuation of college, it’s still a new experience. Faculty and staff should champion support services that help students with:

  • Applying to graduate programs
  • Advising and semesterly planning
  • Research
  • Tutoring and writing help
  • Career guidance
  • Financial aid
  • Campus services
  • Campus health and safety concerns
  • And more…

How do grad students at your college or university feel about the support/resources they’re given access to? Can they find the help they need quickly and easily, or is something missing?

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