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We have compiled a selection of questions and answers you might have about EVAN360. If we’ve forgotten anything, feel free to email us at info@evan360.com and we’ll be happy to answer additional questions.
In one sentence, what is EVAN360 for Higher Education?

EVAN360 is an instant, personalized support platform that improves productivity and helps students thrive.

Tell us more.

We believe students deserve immediate, personalized support. While higher education institutions have comprehensive services designed to enable student success, students are facing uncharted territory when it comes to accessing these services. The services exist, the faculty and staff exist, but there’s friction in the process of connecting to the right person for support. Especially when students don’t know where to go or need help after hours.

At EVAN360, we have developed a way for students to connect with the right person to get answers quickly so they can focus on achieving academic success. Ultimately, EVAN360 eliminates friction, increases retention, and improves the student experience.

What types of higher education institutions can use EVAN360?

EVAN360 is designed for any higher education institution—universities, community colleges, trade or technical schools, seminaries… you name it. The app can be designed to meet any school’s unique needs.

How does EVAN360 ensure questions are routed to the right person?

During implementation, you’ll have the ability to create a custom list of request categories best suited to meet the needs of your institution. Once that list is created, your institution will select which team members will be “experts.” Experts can be assigned to certain skills based on their individual areas of expertise so questions are always routed to the right person.

Do we need to hire more people if we implement EVAN360?

No. EVAN360 is a SaaS solution that requires minimal support. However, higher education institutions with work-study programs can use the platform to connect students with their peers for questions, tutoring, writing help, and more.

There are hundreds of support solutions on the market. How is EVAN360 different?
  • It’s easy and simple to learn and use.
  • It’s cost-effective.
  • It’s instant. Students can connect to the right person in minutes, 24/7.
  • Connect to a human expert—not a chatbot—who is equipped to address your specific question. This ensures problems are solved the right way the first time.
  • We equip you to build a network of experts so students can connect to the right person every time.
  • Implementation can take place in a matter of hours.
  • All sessions are recorded via audio and video and are accessible for future use and quality assurance.
  • Experts and users can provide feedback after every session.
  • It’s a comprehensive tool. It can work for any type of higher education institution.
How much does EVAN360 cost?

EVAN360 offers a flexible fee structure. For most higher education institutions, fees are based upon a per student monthly or semester fee. This fee structure is a declining fee structure and offers the most flexibility in what services the EVAN360 solution would support. We also offer a monthly or annual fee structure based upon number of services offered for organizations that would like to focus the EVAN360 platform on a specific student service offering. In addition, EVAN360 also offers significant discounts to organizations offering the solution to first-in-family or special needs students. We also offer a free pilot program for organizations that would like to try the EVAN360 platform on a small section of the student body for a limited time. Email us at info@evan360.com for more information.

Is EVAN360 secure?

EVAN360 was built with security in mind. This includes integrability with existing AD/LDAP sign-ons, CloudFront Access control, EVAN360 WAF (web application firewall), and your own private tenant.

To view EVAN360’s security & infrastructure document, click here.

Who are the support experts?

Support experts are any faculty, staff, or administrators at your institution. Who you assign as experts is completely up to you and your school’s specific needs. Experts are assigned to specific categories in which they are qualified to help so you’re sure to get the right answer the first time.

Schools can also incorporate EVAN360 into their work-study program to connect students with the right peer tutor for questions and coursework help.

How long does it take to implement EVAN360? Do you offer training?

EVAN360 can be implemented in a matter of hours once your institution decides which skills will be assigned to the faculty, staff, and administrators. We recommend schools start with a pilot department or team to best assess what skill categories fit best.

EVAN360 provides live training to the people in your institution who will be administering the solution through our assigned customer support team and the resources found in our Admin Guide online. Very little end-user training is required since the EVAN360 application is so easy to use.

What does a typical EVAN360 help session look like?

It’s simple and fast. Students simply log into the app, select a help category, briefly explain the issue, and click submit. From there, they’ll be connected to the right faculty/staff member who will begin the help session and communicate via phone, chat, and/or screen share. When the session is over, the user and expert can provide feedback. Students can save an expert as a “favorite” for an easy connection when they need help again.

How long does it take to learn how to use the platform?

EVAN360 is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Becoming acquainted with the app and training others to use it is easy. Implementation can happen in a matter of days. Users make fewer than three clicks to submit a help request. It’s accessible via smartphone app or PC.

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