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The EVAN360 Story

The Beginning Stages

In 2016, EVAN360 co-founders Bill Aimone and Peter Purcell were running a management consulting firm. Their consultants worked remotely, and laptops or software would fail, causing work to come to a screeching halt. Such downtime meant lost revenue. Managed service providers couldn’t respond fast enough, and an IT support professional on standby wasn’t affordable.

During Thanksgiving week in 2016, Peter and Bill lamented their IT support woes with Bill’s brother Jeff, an IT Director in the hospitality industry. Jeff didn’t have an answer to the IT support problem, but he shared some cutting-edge work he was doing on new technology apps for the food service industry—apps that would transform the industry much like Uber and Lyft have transformed the transportation industry.

Almost immediately, a light bulb flickered as they simultaneously looked at each other and said, “Somebody needs to build an Uber-like app for IT support!” IT providers would be the virtual drivers and those requesting help would be the virtual riders. Access to support would become easy and instant.

As they mused, this solution seemed too obvious. Someone had undoubtedly already thought of this concept… or maybe not? In either case, they conspired to do some research over the holidays and regroup at the end of the year.

To their surprise, no one had developed an on-demand IT support platform where help from a human could be found instantly, so they decided to build it themselves. During the 2017 new year holiday, Peter, Bill, and Jeff locked themselves in a conference room in their Houston office to brainstorm. They developed a conceptual design, investment strategy, patent and trademark strategy, a business plan, and incorporated the company. In October 2017, the EVAN MVP was released. It was a bit buggy and not the most user-friendly. They spent the rest of 2017 making the platform flawless and easy to use. By the end of 2017, they finally had something they were proud of.

Expanding Into IT

Through casual conversations, the team began to share the EVAN story with leaders at large companies. Feedback was consistent: Large companies don’t have an easy way to connect people to quickly solve problems. And that’s not just true for IT departments—finding support is actually a company-wide problem.

This prompted the development and release of EVAN360, a secure private cloud SaaS platform to serve as a central support hub for large companies. The platform was redesigned to support any organizational department within any industry—from HR at a professional services firm to field operations at a chemical company.

Into Higher Education

Bill and Peter are passionate about supporting future generations. They’ve often looked for opportunities to merge this passion with their work, and with EVAN360 they realized they could do just that. Their involvement on the Board of Boys & Girls Country of Houston and the global shift to remote learning in 2020 led them to deploy EVAN360 as a tool for higher education institutions.

They noticed a lingering trend—colleges and universities have comprehensive services designed for student success, but students struggle to navigate the system, especially those who are low-income, working, and first-generation. Why? Because services aren’t available after hours for working students, and first-generation students don’t have the context for knowing where to find help. As a result, success and retention suffer.

The EVAN360 team surveyed the higher education technology landscape in 2020 and found that no single app existed that allowed students to get instant, one-on-one support at anytime. Since no one else was doing it, they decided to jump in. EVAN360 was the perfect tool to provide simple, effective support that students could count on to help them succeed.

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